Crazy Scientist’s Fermented Fashion

Gary Cass (our head Crazy Scientist) has worked on creative science projects before – one of these was Fermented Fashion.

Together with other scientists and artist Donna Franklin they investigated the practical and cultural biosynthesis of microbiology to explore other methods in textile technologies. The fabric grows and forms itself without a single stitch.

fermented fashion

The project came about when Cass noticed a skin like layer covering a vat of wine (hence fermented fashion) that had been contaminated with bacteria. The spoilage was a result of a colony of acetobacter, transforming the wine into vinegar. The by-product of this activity is the formation of the cellulose substance that eventually ferments in sheet form.

The fermented fashion project has had a lot of media coverage around the world – the Wine Dress still travels the globe. Creativity and science combine well, which is why our iDNAtity App is so cool!

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