How to use our DNA music app

Our DNA music app features:

> Create personalised DNA music that is unique to your identity

> Choose from a wide variety of instruments

> Download your tune onto your device

> Share your unique music with your friends

> Even use iDNAtity on your pets!

1. Open the app! Then click on New Audio

How to Use Music App - 1

2. Upload your photo or take a new shot! Click on Upload Image

How to Use Music App 2

3. Now this is the important part! Go through our phenotype profile questions (use the glossary if you need any help), then click Profile

How to Use Music App 3

4. You’ve done it! Our music app now plays your unique DNA audio – why not choose from our wide range of different instrument types. All you need to do now is share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, or why not email it to yourself and use the file as your ringtone!

How to Use Music App 4

This music app is 100% safe to use, our crazy scientists will not extract your DNA or store any data created within the app.

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